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🚌Brooklands - London Bus Museum trip🚌

🚌We had so much fun at the museum today🚌 We had so much fun on our Brooklands -London Bus Museum trip this morning, we took the mini-coach there and on our way we sang 'wheels on the bus' and lots of other nursery rhymes. ✈️On our arrival, we saw the ‘Concorde’-the first supersonic passenger- commercial airplane and different planes and went on one 🛫which was used to transport animals such as horses 🐴 and 🐄 . The gentleman spoke to us all about the plane and the pilots. 🚌We also saw lots of buses🚌 and some really old ones that used to be pulled along by horses 🐴 . As we went round the museum the buses changed in shape and size and colours - some were red and some were blue and green. We also went on a very big bus called a double decker and pulled the bell to stop. We then enjoyed a lovely picnic followed by the coach trip back to our preschool #BuildingBlocksPreschool 🎈

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