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''Creativity fosters critical thinking by allowing children to review and re-invent''.

                                            The Early Years Foundation Stage.      

                                            Effective Practice - Creativity and Critical thinking.

Lucy Sparkles​



Designed and delivered by qualified and experienced drama, music and dance teachers. We have tailored plans linked to the national curriculum for specific age groups. We provide our preschool children and parents with a copy of our curriculum, including EYFS and creative aims.’  Children get to use their imagination through the sessions using musical instruments and puppets.  Children gain singing, dancing and acting skills which they then use through their play.

Abel Karate

Little Ninjas classes consist of simple warm ups and stretching techniques, agility courses especially designed to stimulate the mind and to improve co-ordination and balance. As they progress we introduce different techniques such as kicks, punches and blocks. This is taught with a good basic understanding of respect for others, discipline and etiquette, which is vital at an early age and teaches them good values, which we hope will follow them through into later life.’



We practice our hello song with our friends, we look at numbers and colours and taking it in turns to respond back in French.  We look at role play and pretend to go to the shops and talk about the food we buy.  We use our imagination and learn new words in French that we can talk to each other about. 

Speech and Language



This is a communication enriched class ,  helps to develop your child’s understanding and use of vocabulary in a range of topics. Some of these include animals, food and clothes.  Through games, children will begin to develop skills in taking turns and waiting for their turn as well as increasing their use of eye contact.

Muddy Boots

The focus at Muddy Boots is to deliver FUN but formally structured sessions while developing the Fundamentals of Movement Skill in a multi skills environment. We teach in a creative way to encourage your child to explore and discover throughout the activities.’

Fundamentals of Movement (FoM) such as balance, coordination and agility are introduced along with Fundamentals of Movement Skills (FMS) for example, travelling, jumping, sending, receiving and striking.

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