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Reading and Writing in EYFS

**How do we teach reading ๐Ÿ“– in EYFS** #LoveOfReading ๐Ÿ“– โ€ข Selection of books โ€ข Reading strategies โ€“ look at the picture, ask predicting questions โ€ข Questioning โ€“ comprehension โ€ข By adding child-made books and adult-scribed stories to the book area and use these for sharing stories with others. โ€ข By Creating an environment rich in print where children can learn about words, e.g. using names, signs, posters. โ€ข When children can see the text, e.g. using big books, model the language of print, such as letter, word, page, beginning, end, first, last, middle. โ€ข Carrying out activities using instructions, such as reading a recipe to make a cake. โ€ข Ensure access to stories for all children by using a range of visual cues and story props. For example, story boards, puppets, stuffed animals, etc.

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